SMART PEOPLE. SMART SOLUTIONS Health care management is getting smart. It is shifting from paper to paperless and getting electronic. So we are always in constant look out for smart people who can handle such transformation, who are curious about exploring innovative ways medical technology systems and thereby minimizing healthcare costs

SMART WORK PLACE FOR SMART PEOPLE We, at NAMTG, provides a happy place for smart people. We value talent more than anything. We appreciate the hard work of our employees and reward accordingly. Because a happy employee is always the key for our success. Our work environment is composed, and always motivating for learning new things.We, at NAMTG, not only care about you. We think of your family, your life outside the office too. We provide many other benefits that help you grow. We train you, provide niche related education, offer vocational trips and make you feel comfortable.

OUR PEOPLE ARE OUR BACKBONE We give our employees top priority more than anything. Because we believe an encouraging, happy work place will always improve the productivity.

BUILD YOUR CAREER HERE No matter what you are – a fresher or an experienced professional, NAMTG is the right place for you to be. And we assure you a happy place to work in and build your career.