Quality Assurance Testing Project in Healthcare

About NAMG

NAMG is all about providing software solutions to the hospital systems. The software applications they build are to benefit the patients, hospital management, and healthcare providers (doctors) alike, in various aspects such as accessing the patient records, tracking the appointments, maintaining doctors’ information, etc.

Features of QA Project in the Healthcare Domain

Module 1: High-level test cases will be discussed

Module 2: Leftover presentations will be completed + Test cases review

Module 3: Test cases review and corrections

Module 4: Tools will be introduced and downloaded accordingly if required test execution + Defect triage

Module 5: Q&A on test execution

Module 6: Data validation-Database testing

Module 7: Simple queries will be shared and answers will be discussed

Module 8: Database joins will be introduced and queries will be shared to solve

Module 9: Solution for join queries will be taken with explanation

Module 10: Web Services concept will be introduced

Module 11: Test cases on database and Web Services

Module 12: Unix and log files details will be explained