Selenium Project in Healthcare

About NAMG

NAMG is all about providing software solutions to the hospital systems. The software applications they build are to benefit the patients, hospital management, and healthcare providers (doctors) alike, in various aspects such as accessing the patient records, tracking the appointments, maintaining doctors’ information, etc.

Features of Selenium Automation project:

Module 1: Core Java Assignments

Module 2: Selenium Assignments

Module 3: Creation of Maven Project, Dependencies, Plugins

Module 4: Detailed Explanation on Automation Framework

Module 5: Develop Modular framework on MAAP Bank project

Module 6: Develop a Data-Driven framework on MAAP Bank project

Module 7: Develop Keyword framework on MAAP Bank project

Module 8: Page Object Model Implementation

Module 9: Page Factory Implementation

Module 10: Maintain the code in the Github repository

Module 11: Push/Pull source via Git Bash

Module 12: Push/Pull source code via Eclipse

Module 13: Execute the Code from Jenkins

Module 14: Connection to the MYSQL DB

Module 15: Property Files & Logging